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Welcome to the website of Zhangjiagang Xinfeng Electronic Components Co., Ltd.
Since its establishment, the company has been mastering new trends in the field of electronic components with its advanced technology. With excellent quality and complete product series, it has met the needs of users in many ways, and has won trust from customers with its perfect service and highly united team.
All things are lenient, people-oriented, and talented people are the foundation for the development of our company. At Xinfeng, human resources management is the first place, and cultivating talents is superior to manufacturing products. This is a direct reflection of the talent concept. Xinfeng focuses on implementing the company's business philosophy, respecting the basic spirit of human beings, and actively cultivating the sense of mission of its employees. It earnestly enables each employee to love the company and integrate with the company to realize its maximum potential. Xinfeng is committed to creating a relaxed corporate culture atmosphere and providing employees with a platform to enhance their overall quality. On this stage of self-creation and self-affirmation, Xinfeng has opened its arms to the elites, and Xinfeng people are dedicated to the Chinese electronic components industry. Responsibility. 15063110102
We will not stick to the rules, rest on our laurels, and our concept of talent will gradually be adjusted and improved. What is important is that Xinfeng people not only have good professional skills, but also have the spirit of pioneering, creating and enterprising.

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